Northwest Indianapolis Pet Sitting Service

Needful Critters provides pet sitting and dog walking services to Eagle Creek, Pike, Brownsburg, Avon and Speedway. We believe in providing the best pet care when you can't be there. Not only do your critters need personalized service, but you as an owner do too. The benefits to hiring a professional pet sitter include less driving, less stress to you and your critters, and knowing that your house is secure.


Since 2004 I have dedicated myself to taking the best possible care of every critter I have come in contact with. I have worked in both private and emergency animal medicine as a veterinary assistant for those 5 years; working to help sick animals and educate their owners. I have volunteered with Greyhound Pets of America, Indy feral, and the Humane Society trying to make this world a better place for every critter.

As someone who has worked in animal emergency medicine I am trained in recognizing an emergency situation, and handling them in a calm no nonsense way. I carry an animal emergency kit in my car, and believe in being prepared for all occasions.

I love to see your critters healthy and well cared for, and as a medical professional I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your critters well-being.

I am more than happy to provide references at your request.

My Family
Thom the Cat


Found at a gas station on Thanksgiving covered in oil and eating pizza crust

Igby the Cat


Living a happy life despite having diabetes

Stumpy the Cat


A spay-and-release munchkin cat that we couldn't let go of

Happy the Dog


Greyhound adopted from GPA


Initial Consultation

This consultation is required and is a vital aspect of your critters care. It must be scheduled at least 48 hours before your vacation departure or initial walk visit. During this “get acquainted” meeting I will familiarize myself with your critters and discuss important information such as emergency contacts, vet preferences, where your pet items are located, and medicine schedule (if applicable). We will also discuss the pet sitting contract, household duties, and entry procedures for your home. There is no fee for this consult and it takes about 45 minutes.

Key Pick-Up

This $5 fee only applies if a key or other arrangements to enter your home at the time of consultation have not been made.

Single Visit

Whether you’re on vacation or just a long day at the office this type of visit is the ticket! (If on vacation I suggest at least 2 visits per day, but cats and exotic critters may get by with just one visit a day.)

Each visit lasts 30 minutes and includes:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Walk and play time
  • Scoop litter or clean cage
  • Give medications (if needed)
  • Bring in mail

Practically anything that you need done to your critter or house may be requested!


  for up to 4 critters (30 min visit)


  for up to 4 critters (45 min visit)

Add $1 for each additional critter

Emergency Visit Fee

An emergency visit charge of $5 will be added for same day visit requests (unless previous arrangements are made with me)

Unexpected Charges

Occasionally, we all forget an item when getting ready for a trip. If you run out of food, litter, medications, or some other important item. Don’t worry! I will be happy to purchase the supplies you need. There will be a $10.00 fee, plus the cost of the item.

Holiday Fee

A $5 additional fee will be added per day for the following holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, 4th of July and Easter.

Overnight Critter Care

I will stay in your home from 11pm- 6am giving your critter plenty of love and affection. Everything that is included in a single visit (i.e. bringing in mail, etc.) is included in this visit. Over-nights are not available on major holidays.


No extra charge for multiple pets

Add $15 for an additional midday visit

Critter Taxi

Does your critter need a haircut? What about vaccines? Getting enough use out of that dog park membership? If you own a small to medium size dog, cat, or pocket pet that needs a ride somewhere just give me a call! Owner is responsible for all vet, groomer, and dog park fees.


Roundtrip - mileage charge may apply if over 20 miles roundtrip

Payment Policy

Half of the balance due at the time of departure for single visits scheduled while owner is on vacation and over-nights. Other ½ due when responsible party returns from vacation. Weekly rates are available for Critter camp and Midday walks.

There will be a $30 fee assessed for all returned checks.

Service Area

We serve the northwest Indianapolis area including Pike township, Speedway, Eagle Creek, Zionsville, Brownsburg and Avon. Rates shown above are valid only in the service area shown below:

Service area


Here are a few of our clients:


For general questions or to request service, please fill out the form below.

You can also call us at 317-441-3055.